Trip to Chirya Ghar aka Zoo

February 14, 2018

Trip to Chirya Ghar aka Zoo

The sensory experience begins with feel but is extended with the vision.

Unbeknown to the young minds were the fantasies which lay beyond the barricades of chirya ghar [zoo]. They always fantasized it but never dared experience the joy of being in a place filled with creatures of fascination. Hence it was decided to pay the place a visit so as to break the monotony of everyday life. Equipped with sandwiches, juice and some art supplies, and together with a treasured friend of LBK Saad Bukhari - the caravan was all set to explore the wonders the bright, sunny day had in store.

The excitement was permeable through the eyes and thrill eminent in the behavior. Dearest Annar Gul had left no leaf unturned to make sure that the event was embedded in his mind for a very long time. Regardless of the heat, he decided to put on his ear muffs, secured from some trash, which he had tucked away for exquisite occasions like these.

An unfortunate glitch occurred at the ticket person who wasn't ready to permit our bunch of kids to enter. His excuse? Well, the clothing was tad bit shabby, didn't match with the audience he was accustomed to letting in. But after imparting a dose of our favorite children are children speech, we managed to surpass the claws of the cruel, and get the kids through the golden gates into the world of Narnia. The pleasure was easy to read. We sat outside and drew the awesome animals. We learned to look.

In the animated expressions, we saw the elephants and zebras. And so the kids were pushed into sketching; bringing to paper not what the memory presented, but what the sight fed them with. We all were united with the childhood ecstasy the rides, trampoline and jumping jack be held. Such uncontrollable vigor that only Jabbar bhai could grasp and control, mostly owing to his knowledge of the native language.

Nearing lunch break, everyone sat down in a circular formation, and the kids surrendered to their memories in this phase. They drew their hearts out and in return, it was heartwarming to see the product.

The journey concluded with the yumilicious ice creams following lunch saad bhai's treat.
Oh, What s fun Day.