Meet Haseeb, Our Brand new CEO

December 22, 2017

Meet Haseeb, Our Brand new CEO

I am a fan of The Matrix. It introduced us to the flashiness of "bullet-time". And it had the iconic character of Morpheus. But more than any individual scene, it is the idea of the Matrix itself that is the most revolutionary aspect of the movie - visualizing a whole world purely based on mathematics!

The limitless power of mathematics derived from its strictly bound principles has always fascinated me. Constructing the universe through a single equation is my kind of art. And that is what connected me to the concept of LettuceBee Kids when I heard it back in 2011 - the fact that it is an elaborate design for how we should live in the world, based simply on the fact that we live in it together.

When I heard the LettuceBee Kids mission to rehabilitate street children into society, I saw the underlying design that yearns for equal opportunity for all humans - not mandated and regulated by some government, but provided by and facilitated through us, for each other, to build a fairer eco-system.

And when I learned about the sustainability model behind LettuceBee Kids that work without donations, I saw the philosophy of a circular economy at its foundation - a mathematical web that holds itself up through the strength of each and every strand. I was fascinated by the beauty of LBK; the way Sarah Adeel, the founder of the organization, had woven together such intricate concepts into an elegant and simple design solution.

These reasons drew me to the organization for which I volunteered for three years, starting in 2014 when I was a Fulbright Scholar at Georgia Tech working towards a graduate degree in engineering. I got a chance to introduce LBK to America, pitching it at different competitions and selling its products as an ambassador. Later, my involvement grew to impact more of the company's core - working on the business expansion model, the product line, essential partnerships, and future proposals.

During that time, I also discovered that I had a gift for weaving with words - a skill that complemented Sarah's visual art. The more I explored my own literary gift, the more beauty I saw in her ability to build abstract emotions and philosophies into concrete structures and solutions.

And that is why, today, I feel such joy in adopting Sarah's brainchild as my own. Having just been appointed CEO of the organization, I intend to convert the pilot-scale success of LettuceBee Kids into the realization of its long-term dream. I am excited to throw all of myself into making that happen. But none of it will be possible without your support. Our children need us. And you can start by going to LBK store and doing some last-minute holiday shopping!