A day with Agnitus and iPad Exploring

January 19, 2016

A day with Agnitus and iPad Exploring

Gone are the days when learning was confined to the four corners of a classroom. A glimpse of how those four corners have evolved into a more fulfilling experience was observed in a meet up of the kids with Agnitus.

#Agnitus is a developer of touch-enabled learning applications for the iPad. They employ techniques in what appears as simplistic games meant to nurture the growth of kids of ages 3 and up, however, subliminally attacking critical areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Monitoring of these essentials facilitates the user to track the development of kids in the respected areas while wrapping the procedure in entertainment. This analysis is later used by the parents/guardians to enable the kids to reach their full potential.

This was Agnitus's little experiment.

They were unsure of how a mind which isn’t prone to such technology could reach out and tackle with some of its complexities. After the exchange of hellos and iPads, it was a bit shocking to counter the comfort level of the kids with the unexplored territories of touch technology. From younger ones with their fingers buried deep into sticky icky all the way to the older ones in the clan, the unparalleled dynamism shone through.

The enthusiasm of kids coupled with Haris bhai, Konpal baji and  Raza bhai’s assistance, produced a sweet tale of success and joy. After lunch and the generosity showered by the Agnitus folks, another feather was added to the hat of friendship.

They came. They saw. And they conquered. Not just the alien mechanism, but also the hearts of Agnitus. Leaving behind nothing but awe and smiles, its safe to say that their journey has only begun.